I am happier than you and here is the proof!!


I was on a holiday recently when I realized the crucial role social media plays in the life of a normal person, for who any of the trending social issues are way too much to discuss and handle. The desperation to record every small or big event so that it can be ‘posted’ on a social media site sets in. Everyone aged between 15-75(or more) want to portray themselves as hot and happening.


It has easily become one of the basic necessities in life. Not to be happy but to prove that I am happy.

Not just happy but happier than you.

To yell out to the world :

  • How I am living my dream (and yours)
  • How I have the best job/spouse/child/house
  • How I am better off than most of my ‘friends and family’

How do I ensure this?

Click. Click. Click. Every new item (clothes shoes bags car…

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