The perfect recipe to mothering..

I would add that I always remind myself that I cannot expect my kids to be as logical and reasonable as us adults … Kids will be kids… It’s just a phase and they will outgrow it sooner or later 🙂



So we have this pretty picture of motherhood and cute chubby babies instilled in us.

Remember that adorable photo shoot of you caressing your bump?? <sigh>  Those were the days!!

Well, all is well till the bump pops and you realize you have churned out a blob of your karmic ruins.This amazing cute little thing could wake up the devil in you which will in turn rouse the little devil in him!! And then those animated scene of transformation begin – The picture perfect home will transform into a battlefield of  lunatics, age no bar here!

I am certain there are tons of other women out there who walked into motherhood expecting it to be just another phase of life, only to realise that it will be the only phase of life henceforth.

A bit of seasoning should help make this phase palatable.


1. Love – How cliché’!


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